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L’Oreal at CES


About the Client: L’Oreal, a global leader in beauty and cosmetics, sought comprehensive media coverage for their presence at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2023 and 2024. They needed a team that could handle high-quality photography, video production, and same-day editing to capture and share the excitement and innovation showcased at their booth.


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L’Oreal’s innovative presence at CES 2024 was captured through our lens, with one of our images making it to Time Magazine. This feature underscores the importance of high-quality visual content for brands like L’Oreal to maximize their visibility and impact at major trade shows and events.

Project Overview

For CES 2024, Cerious Productions provided extensive media coverage for L’Oreal, one of the world’s leading beauty companies. Our team of eight professionals delivered a suite of services, including photography, videography, and same-day editing, ensuring L’Oreal’s presence at the event was captured and shared in real-time.

Services Provided

Photography and Videography: Our crew captured high-quality photos and videos of L’Oreal’s booth, product displays, and interactions with attendees.

Same-Day Editing: We provided same-day editing for social media videos, allowing L’Oreal to engage their audience promptly.

Billboard Coverage: Documented all of L’Oreal’s billboards around Las Vegas, showcasing their extensive promotional efforts during CES.

Executive Follow: Followed multiple L’Oreal executives, capturing their engagements and activities throughout the event.

CEO Coverage: Special focus on Nicolas Hieronimus, L’Oreal’s Global CEO, including photography and videography of his appearances and interactions.

Keynote Filming: Filmed keynotes and important presentations, ensuring comprehensive coverage of L’Oreal’s participation in the event.

Key Highlights

Comprehensive Coverage: Our team ensured every significant moment and promotional effort was documented, from the booth to billboards.

Real-Time Content: With our same-day editing services, L’Oreal was able to keep their social media channels active with fresh, engaging content.

High-Profile Focus: Special attention was given to capturing the activities of L’Oreal’s top executives, including the Global CEO, Nicolas Hieronimus, enhancing the company’s leadership visibility.

Keynote Highlights: Filmed keynotes and presentations, providing valuable content for L’Oreal’s internal and external communications.

Cerious Productions is the absolute best. Michael and his team are efficient, fast and extremely adaptable. They react quickly to last-minute changes or edits, and are solution-based and innovative. Immediately after a single project brief they had the perfect vision for our project and staffed, organized and executed flawlessly. The content they produce is refined and polished; me and my team love working with them and cannot recommend highly enough!”

Cameron K.


Our approach

At Cerious Productions, we believe in delivering top-tier media coverage that captures the essence of your brand’s presence at major events. For L’Oreal at CES 2024, our approach was meticulously planned and executed to ensure every detail was covered:

Pre-Event Planning: Collaborated closely with L’Oreal’s marketing team to understand their goals and specific requirements, ensuring our coverage aligned perfectly with their vision.

Skilled Team: Deployed a crew of eight experienced professionals equipped with state-of-the-art photography and videography equipment to capture high-quality visuals.

Real-Time Editing: Set up an on-site editing station to provide same-day editing services, enabling L’Oreal to share fresh content on their social media channels instantly.

Comprehensive Coverage: Focused on all aspects of L’Oreal’s presence, from their booth and billboards to keynotes and executive activities, including special attention to Global CEO Nicolas Hieronimus.

Seamless Execution: Ensured smooth and efficient operations throughout the event, delivering exceptional content that showcased L’Oreal’s innovations and leadership at CES.

Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail made the project a resounding success, enhancing L’Oreal’s visibility and engagement at one of the world’s most prestigious tech events.

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